The designer of FLOW DESIGN, Thomas Jørgensen, has developed the furniture series;  The MONUMENTAL Series. Thomas Jørgensen began as an apprentice cabinet maker at Jens Bjerre Interior. Upon graduation he continued to work for the company on projects for institutions like, The Royal Library, The Aarhus art museum AROS and customers all over the world. In the following years Thomas’s interest in engineered art and self-supporting constructions increaced - so did his passion for working with metals, in particular stainless steel. The idea behind The Monumental Series has been to create a linear and contrasting design; a design where the style is noticeable, yet has an inbuilt ease and elegance that dares to challenge peoples ideas regarding industrial design.


Los Angeles

Thomas Jørgensen Visited L.A. to present the completed series. An opportunity to meet designers and interested parties, as well as building new contacts and strenghtening the network.



The Monumental Series has been presented and sold in several parts of the world, including Hanoi, Vietnam.


AROS Art Museum

Thomas has built interior for AROS Art Museum in Aarhus, Denmark. AROS is designed by Smith Hammer Lassen Architects.


Royal Casino

In connection with an extension of the facilities at the casino, Thomas made new designs and decorations for the interior.


Private Homes

As well as businesses and corporations, Thomas also designs and builds solutions for private homes. In close collaboration with the customer, almost anything is possible.



When a hunting estate in Scotland wanted new and unique furniture, Thomas designed, built and subsequently installed everything on-site at the estate in Scotland.

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